October 27, 2012


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windows 8Now I currently develop software for a customer, here in Norway.
It’s a small program that shall run on Windows 7 and 8. It will show the stuff available in the company’s storage room.

In fact they have 4 storage rooms and the program shall always show the up to date state of presented stuff.

Clients with their own laptops shall use this program together width cloud computing. In that way they will always have insight about the current status

Earlier have I been working in open source environment, but now I start develop commercial product for a customer.

October 18, 2012

Cloud Computing

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Clodu Computing

Cloud computing. A whole new role in business today! With dedicated server running cloud software, and clients – either it is Windows, Mac, Linux or Tablet PC with Android or your mobile phone.

Now you can share your documents and save them locally at your device. Your cloud software updates your documents across your devices with users in your company.

Every user has its own Cloud hosting at a server running Apache on Linux. The user client can be a Mac workstation, a pc, Linux or tablet using Android. Through a file sharing service named ownCloud will the user store its documents locally on their device. The ownCloud software will silently synchronize documents between all devices connected through Internet and a backup server. All connection is secure and encrypted by SSL

If you look at the image above at will you see an example of Cloud Computing in action.

The ownCloud server is running on a physical server connected to the Internet. This server and ownCloud serve as a backup for all clients. Here you see Windows, Mac, Linux and tablet as clients connected to each other.

Those clients represent a user/user group sharing the same username/password.  (But you can have as many users  with their own username and password as you want running on the same server, as long your hardware can handle it.)

If for example the user on a Windows PC make changes to a word document and store it locally on his/hers pc – all other devices, (Mac, Linux, Android Tablet) and the server will be synchronized in seconds and the edited document is updated all over!

If this is something for you and your company are you very welcome to contact The Web Coder. Drop me an email or get in touch by Skype (karlarneg1) if you like.


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The Web Coder is a Norwegian one-man-company at the beginning of its line of business. The owner and the only worker, at the moment, is named Karl-Arne Gjersøyen

He has been working with System administration and Network together with technical support as IT-consultant, Webmaster and programmer, since back in 1998.

The Web Coder is located in Vest-Agder; south-vest part of Norway and the native speaker is Norwegian.  Have that in mind when you read this English Speaking website.

Karl-Arne’s Curriculum vitae



Self-employed in The Web Coder
Webmaster, System/Network administrator and IT-consultant



Sertificate of English study:
Common European Framwork Level: B2
Agust/September 2012
Linux Administratrion March 13.-16. 2000
Introduction to Linux Februar 7.-8. 2000

Sertification (BrainBench)


Brainbench Certificatet Internet Professional (Graphic Design) September 9. 2001
Certified in HomeSite 4.5 (Editor) September 9th. 2001
Certified Linux Administrator (Red Hat) September 6th. 2001
Certified in Web Design Consepts August 14th. 2001
Certified in HTML 4.0 August 14th. 2001
Certified in Adobe Photoshop 5.5 July 20th. 2001
Certified in HTML 3.2 July 20th.2001
Certified in Computer fundamentals (Win95/98) November 26th. 2000
Certified Red Hat Linux Administrator August 1th. 2000
Certified Windows 98 Power User March 14th. 2000
Certified Linux Administrator March 13th. 2000
Certified HTML programmer March 13th. 2000


Karl-Arne Gjersøyen has learned mostly everything by practicing during self-study and practical tasks. He use the Internet as a source for always learning new tasks and are a member of several mailing lists with other system/network administrators and developers.

Contact Info

The Web Coder
N-4440 Tonstad
Email: post@thewebcoder.co.uk
Web: www.thewebcoder.co.uk
SMS: +47 994 09 556
Skype: karlarneg1